Why Choose Cherub?

Cherub ensures that all our engagements meet and exceed the standards expected by our clients. Our discipline, experience, proven and tested approaches, tools and methodologies, ensure that we always deliver a high value proposition to our clients on all our engagements.

You get what you expect from a Cherub engagement


The Right Service

We work closely with our clients throughout our projects, actively seeking stakeholder engagement and involvement. Our processes are designed to ensure the outcomes meet your expectations and requirements. We don't just 'tick the boxes'.


The Right Approach

Our sourcing lifecycle is indicative of a “traditional approach” to sourcing services, however we are flexible and innovative in methods and techniques designed to meet a client’s “less traditional” needs.

value for money.png

The Right Decision

Our evaluation approach uses our unique Value-for-Money assessment tool that helps assess the true value of vendor responses.  The model recognises that scores arrived at in the evaluation process must be related to fees charged, and is more complex than simply picking the lowest price, or the highest evaluation score. It also appreciates that there are always constraints that must be considered, such as budget or minimum acceptable service.

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The Right Price

Cherub has up-to-date benchmarking data so that the client can perform a "sanity check” on fees, and appreciate the connection between the fees and service schedules. This also gives visibility of pricing that is out of line with the market, or irrelevant for the services being requested.


The Right Team

The client can have Cherub as a dedicated resource on the project, which is advantageous where an internal team may be insufficient in number, inexperienced, lack process methodologies and tools or be unable to devote adequate time to the overall process.


The Right Transition

To maintain the momentum of a successful negotiation, the client must be able to resource, manage and support transition to the negotiated arrangement. Cherub can support the client team by acting in a transition manager role, or by providing transition oversight and reviews at strategic milestones to ensure foundation building blocks are in place and operating  before moving forward.

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The Right Supplier

We have a deep understanding of the Supplier market. We know the players, their capabilities, and how they may best be leveraged for a client.


The Right Contract

Cherub’s comprehensive due diligence and negotiation processes, procedures and checklists position a client for an optimal outcome resulting in a favourable deal. We guide and assist the client in the conduct of a rigorous due diligence process that identifies potential risks and establish or agree mitigation steps to manage those risks.

vendor management.png

The Right Vendor Management

Effective on-going management is critical to ensuring you continue to receive value for money services, as well as delivering on the original business case. Cherub provides tools and templates designed to assist our clients with best practice vendor and services management.  


The Right Tools

We use our industry leading templates that have been developed over many years with many clients in a wide range of industries, with the benefit being the reduction in cycle time that comes from issuing an accurate and complete document to the market.