Our Approach

CHERUB ensures that all our engagements meet and exceed the standards expected by our clients. Our approach to these engagements is one of professional discipline, sound methodology, highest quality, knowledge share, and flexibility to meet client needs.

You get what you expect from a CHERUB engagement  

Professional Discipline

CHERUB ensures that our team is the most appropriate group of experts for any particular engagement. We spend considerable effort to match client needs with our consultants experience, technical knowledge, and style. All CHERUB consultants have ongoing support of CHERUB management and other resources throughout the engagement. Constant feedback occurs with our client to ensure that at all times we continue to meet the needs and expectations of the engagement.

Sound Methodology

CHERUB consultants have access to all CHERUB methodology, as well as other best of breed methodologies. A key principle of all engagements is that the consultant always approaches an engagement “with a blank sheet of paper”. This means, we have no preconceived ideas as to the optimal solution for the engagement at the start. Once our consultants understand the situation, they employ best practice methodology on an as needed basis.

Highest Quality

Quality is paramount in any CHERUB engagement. All engagements have a dedicated Quality Assurance manager.

Knowledge Share

We know that the best engagements involve sharing knowledge between our consultants and our clients. We always seek to do this throughout the engagement.


We adopt a flexible approach to our engagements to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. We work with our clients to provide necessary flexibility, whilst at the same time not compromising on professional discipline, methodology, quality and knowledge share.