Price Benchmark Analysis Report

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What does the Price Benchmark Analysis Report provide me?

The Price Benchmark Analysis Report provides unbiased pricing comparisons of your IT service towers against a range of organisations receiving similar IT services (i.e. the Peer Group).

These towers include:

  • Servers
  • End user computing
  • Service desk
  • Network
  • Facility Management (e.g. Data Centre)
  • IT Security
  • Service Management

The depth of analysis provides a level of detailed understanding of how your service tower fees compare with those of the Peer Group and whether your service fees are in a Low, Average or High band range relative to the Peer Group.

The Report can assist you to:

  • Plan your IT budget with relevant facts and metrics to justify your IT spending
  • Identify opportunities for cost optimisation and investment prioritisation
  • Use data to improve dialogue and alignment with business units and the board
  • Select the right mix of insourcing and outsourcing at fair-market prices and service levels available today.

How is my Peer Group selected?

The benchmark analysis is derived from CHERUB's proprietary database of comparable IT Managed Services contracts. To calculate the comparative data, CHERUB takes into consideration the scope and complexity of the IT services against a standard set of parameters including geographic spread, scope of services, service level complexity, reporting requirements, and others.

Peer Group data sets are selected based on your company's parameters and where necessary are normalised to approximate your level of IT complexity. 

Extracts from Sample Price Benchmark Analysis Report

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