Price Benchmark-Professional Services Organisation

Price Benchmark 

Professional Services Organisation 

The Situation

The organisation supported its IT requirements with internal staff and management. They were analysing the option of outsourcing some of the non core, but critical IT services including Server support, Network support, Desktop support. To support their analysis they sought an indication of the likely fees external IT suppliers would charge to fully manage these services. They also sought to understand other associated costs with transitioning from a fully insourced service delivery model to a partly outsourced model.

Our Approach

CHERUB consultants were engaged to prepare a price benchmark of their likely costs along with identifying other associated costs to transition.  We used our comprehensive price benchmark database as the basis for producing the analysis.  The approach required us to properly understand the numbers of key equipment required to be supported, such as the number of servers, routers, laptops etc.  In addition we used volume related data to support the analysis.We aligned the organisations size, IT complexity and geographic support requirements with our database information to produce a like for like comparison. We provided a Low, Average, High range of likely service provider fees for each of the core towers of service being analysed.We also analysed their operations sufficiently to allow us to provide the organisation with indicative other costs associated with transitioning from an internal service provider to a partly outsourced model. 

Client Benefits

The Client had financial information about the likely range of costs if they chose to outsource.  This information was used in their business case to better inform senior stakeholders of the pros and cons associated with their recommendation.

Further Information

For more information, please contact our lead Director for this engagement, Mark Probyn