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Our People

When engaging people to assist on your most important business and IT initiatives, you expect experience.

Cherub understands this and our team have the practical experience to work with you and help solve your problems and deliver sound, practical solutions.

At Cherub we:

  • Understand the challenges that you will face ... because of our knowledge of what others have faced

  • Have the flexibility and capability to be able to work with the broad range of stakeholders, experts and decision makers that make up your organisation

  • Have the insight to analyse the complex range of sourcing issues that make up an engagement

  • Have the experience and capability to develop innovative solutions.


We are able to do this because we look for bright, creative people, who are motivated, organised and have the ability to evolve their thinking and solutions, as technology and industries evolve.

Our Leadership

Mark Probyn and John Liburti are the Founding Directors of Cherub.  Each has a management consulting and commercial background cultivated over 25 years in senior management roles in tier one consulting and commercial organisations.

John and Mark met in KPMG's Australian Sourcing Practice and moved to Gartner's Consulting Sourcing Practice, where Mark was their Global Head of Sourcing, and John, the APAC Sourcing Lead.

They continue to keep their hand in Cherub's Consulting and Solutions service arms, seeing first hand how the right services and contract can impact an organisation's front line operators and operations, as well as bottom line results.

Through Cherub, Mark and John are able to share their insights, thought leadership and experiences by presenting and advising senior client executives on pragmatic strategies on how to maximise the value of their business' IT sourcing initiatives.

They are more than willing to share their profound understanding of sourcing with you.


Their contact details are below ... don't hesitate to drop them a line.

mark probyn

Mark Probyn

Contact Mark

+61 419 376 411

John Liburti

Contact John

+61 403 484 948

john liburti