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Our Consulting sourcing experts use their knowledge, experience, and our unique Solutions to deliver on your goals, allowing you to focus on the critical decision points.

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Cherub assists senior management to achieve greater business value from capturing, maintaining and developing corporate knowledge.​

  • Developing Vendor / Service Management framework

  • Developing Performance Management Framework

  • Management facilitation, development and mentoring

  • Performance reporting and analysis

  • Defining management interfaces

  • Mid term strategies for:

    • Re-negotiation of contracts

    • Re-development of:

    • Service and reporting requirements

    • Pricing analysis

    • Governance and Service Management

  • Client : Vendor Sourcing relationship assessment

Transition is the process of a client transitioning from an incumbent supplier to a new supplier.  In the case of complex services that are highly integrated into the client's business, the transition period can be extensive. 


Cherub consultants are highly experienced in helping clients ensure that the transfer from one supplier to a new supplier is completed thoroughly and smoothly.

Nearly 70% of outsourcing organisations feel their service provider does not adequately understand what they are supposed to do

Cherub uses their experience and knowledge to design, build and use its robust and proven Sourcing and Selection methodologies to assist our clients to source vendors, technologies and IT services.

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