White Papers

  1. Sourcing Management - What's the problem? 
    This paper is the first in the series on the subject of Sourcing Management   
    Considers the issues and problems associated with Sourcing Management.


  2. Sourcing Management - Prepare for excellence  
    This paper is the second in the series on the subject of Sourcing Management 
    Considers the skills and competencies required to ensure effective Sourcing Management.


  3. Sourcing Management titled Sourcing Management - Beyond Outsourcing
    This paper is the third and final in the series on the subject of Sourcing Management Considers the levers and drivers in a sourcing arrangement that lead to effective management of a sourcing relationship.

  4. Benefits of Price Benchmarking 

    In this paper Cherub explores where price benchmarking can benefit an organisation throughout the multiple stages of the sourcing lifecycle.

  5. Can “Autonomous Service Delivery” really deliver cost savings … or is it simply hype?
    This paper reviews three case studies that delivered enviable savings of between 30-35% beyond the current services contracts. The savings are real, however, realising them takes effort and isn’t without risks.  Cherub explore the critical success factors, of Culture, People, Process, Tools and Vendor Management, along with the four key cost drivers to ensure success.

  6. VMIS - Insights into your vendor performance, outcomes, and value
    This paper presents insights into Cherub thinking on the subject of Vendor Management reporting.  Understanding Vendor Management performance and outcomes beyond simply reviewing Service Level results will help you maximise the value of the IT services received from your vendors.

  7. How COVID -19 changed the face of IT Services in Australia
    Cherub researched the impacts of COVID-19 with many of the major IT Service Providers in Australia. This paper highlights important findings discovered through the research, focussing on the activities and issues identified by Suppliers regarding ongoing support to their Customers.  The findings in this paper discuss the key themes of how the disruption is manifesting with both Suppliers and their Customers.