Case Studies

Learn about our Client work and experience in the Case Studies provided below.

IT and Sourcing Strategy

IT and Sourcing Strategy

Working with clients to review, develop, and optimise both the IT Strategy so as to clearly define an agreed direction to support the business strategy and business requirements; and a Sourcing Strategy to support the selection of optimal IT sourcing solutions to deliver against the IT Strategy.

Case Study #1801 – Sourcing Strategy - Utility

An Australian Utility needed to update its approach to sourcing of major IT infrastructure.  They had a sourcing strategy that was many years old, and they determined that they needed to update this to reflect their changed business requirements, and the changed service provider capabilities. Read More

Case Study #1503 – Telephony Sourcing Strategy – Higher Education

An Australian University had aging telephony infrastructure and sought the services of CHERUB to develop a telephony sourcing strategy.  The university had a number of core requirements in the strategy, being the adoption of Unified Communications, along with a requirement to maintain certain telephony infrastructure capabilities, such as analogue and DECT. Read More

Case Study #1802 - SCADA Communication Strategic Plan – Utility

The client engaged CHERUB to support the development of its SCADA Communications Strategic Plan, the aim of which was the improved management and delivery of SCADA Communications assets and services, and to guide the establishment of work programs that are focussed on enhanced performance, efficiency and security of the SCADA Communication supporting operational structure and internal business capabilities. Read More

Sourcing and Selection 

Sourcing and Selection

Working with clients throughout the entire sourcing lifecycle to undertake the selection of service providers, technologies, applications, and system integrators – including tender preparation, evaluation and selection, due diligence, negotiation strategy and negotiations.

Case Study #2806 - IT Managed Service Sourcing - Utility

An Australian Utility needed to select a service provider to manage its core IT infrastructure and service desk.  They had an existing contract for similar services with a service provider.  The incumbent provider was invited to participate in the selection process, which they did. Read More

Case Study #2604 - Operation Application Sourcing - Resource

An Australian headquartered resource company with mining operations, development projects and exploration fields through Australia, Asia and North America wanted to underpin its operational improvement and growth strategies by establishing a standardised operational systems architecture. CHERUB was engaged to develop and facilitate an RFI process to source information from over 30 selected vendors that could be employed by the client as an integral part of the Operations Applications Blueprint. Read More

Case Study #2503 - Network Refresh Sourcing - Higher Education

The client is a university with operations on five campuses in Victoria and overseas. As part of its network infrastructure refresh program, the university intended to replace some components of the network and to review its existing contract for provision of monitoring and other services related support, as the arrangement had reached end of life and a new contract needed to be established.  The client appointed CHERUB to deliver all aspects associated with the delivery of this project, from drafting of tender documents through to negotiation of the final contract. Read More



Providing Price Benchmark services to assist organisations to understand the likely cost of a sourcing arrangement, and Comparative Benchmarking services to compare spend, cost efficiency and service effectiveness against peers.

Case Study #3401 - State-wide benchmark Process - Government

An Australian State Government embarked on establishing an ICT service delivery centric model to increase the responsiveness to demand and demand management between itself and its agencies. CHERUB worked in collaboration with the Department to establish an ongoing ICT Benchmarking program which Government proposed to continue to use in subsequent years to collect and analyse ICT benchmarking data from the Department and its agencies that could be used to make better investment decisions and identify triggers that would demonstrate change. Read More

Case Study #3402 - Cross Jurisdictional Police IT Benchmark - Government

CHERUB worked closely with a State Police agency to significantly enhance their previous year’s IT Benchmark study methodology, supporting materials, and analysis model for use in the current year’s nationwide Cross Jurisdictional Police IT Benchmark study. CHERUB then successfully conducted and delivered the IT Benchmark study and developed a presentation to present the findings to the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) which comprised all jurisdiction CIO’s or their representatives. Read More

Vendor Service Management

Vendor and Service Management

Assisting organisations to establish a Vendor and Services Management regime which provides a clear understanding of stakeholder responsibilities against the varied types of contracts and stages of the contract lifecycle.

Case Study #4701 - Vendor Management Process - Superannuation

With an IT portfolio comprising numerous contract arrangements ranging from provision of equipment, products and commodities, through to the management of software licenses, outsourced services and technical expert resources for projects, the organisation engaged CHERUB in a consulting / coaching role to work with their Manager to develop and implement a Vendor Management regime that would allow them to monitor, track and efficiently and effectively manage existing and future IT contract arrangements. Read More

Case Study #4404 - Vendor Management Process - Government

Faced with the challenge of managing a multitude of vendors and contracts with a very small internal team, the Client engaged CHERUB to develop a vendor management system that ensured that all vendor contracts were being adequately managed, benefits fully realised, and conditions of contract adhered to.
Read More

Case Study #4802 - Vendor Management Process - Superannuation

The organisation had entered into a new IT managed services agreement with an external vendor.  The organisation was transitioning to the new vendor.  During this time CHERUB was engaged to implement a number of vendor management solutions to support the organisations need to better manage external vendors.
Read More

Case Study #4103 - Vendor Management Process - Agriculture

Having outsourced the support and maintenance of one of its core IT applications, the Client recognised that poor vendor management had resulted in unsatisfactory service to users and engaged CHERUB to implement a Vendor Management system to allow them to efficiently and effectively manage the new contract.
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Project Health Reviews

Project Health Reviews

Reviewing an organisation’s transition and transformation projects to provide an accurate assessment of the ‘health’ of those projects, providing recovery plans and working with the parties to facilitate the implementation of those plans.

Case Study #5503 - Transition Management - Higher Education

Having completed a sourcing program with CHERUB to identify a vendor to procure, build and deliver refresh infrastructure to replace their aging Oracle Server fleet and to procure, build and deliver new infrastructure to support their Student Management application, the Client appointed CHERUB in the role of Transition Project Manager to act on their behalf to support the server build process including managing delivery of the infrastructure and training of internal staff in the use of the new equipment. Read More

Case Study #5701 - Transition Management - Superannuation

After completing a sourcing program with CHERUB to identify a replacement Managed Service Provider for their soon to expire, first generation outsource contract, the Client appointed CHERUB in the role of Transition Project Manager to act on their behalf to support the transition of services from the incumbent to the new vendor. Read More

Case Study #5202 - Transition Management - Construction

The organisation had entered into a new IT managed services agreement with an external vendor.  The organisation needed to transition its services from the incumbent supplier to the new supplier and engaged CHERUB to act as the organisations Transition Manager. Read More

Relationship Evaluation

Relationship Evaluation

Providing an objective appraisal of a sourcing arrangement to give overall answers to “how effective is the sourcing arrangement” and “where can it be improved”, and therefore providing a roadmap for improvement.

Case Study #6301 - Contract Review - Financial Service Provider

Recognising that at the mid-term of the contract, the Client engaged CHERUB to conduct an independent review of the contract and the sourcing strategy they had adopted to determine what options were both available and practical for them to undertake. Read More