Case Study #5202 - Transition Management : Construction

The Situation

The organisation had entered into a new IT managed services agreement with an external vendor.  The organisation needed to transition its services from the incumbent supplier to the new supplier.  Cherub was engaged to act as the organisation's Transition Manager.

Our Approach

The Transition Manager role was to ensure that the five month transition from the existing supplier to the new supplier was efficient, on time, and did not adversely disrupt the business.

The Transition Manager represented the organisation, and took a lead role when working with in incoming supplier, and the outgoing supplier.  Strong project management approaches were implemented to ensure that effective communications were always working.

The Transition Manager identified the need for the organisation to include Technical Managers in the Transition team.  These individuals worked with the Transition Manager.

The Transition was conducted in a staged manner, with the Service Desk going live six weeks prior to other towers.  This was done to match a period when the organisation traditionally had lower call volumes, thereby allowing a smoother integration of the new service desk.

Care was taken to ensure that the outgoing service provider was not adversely affected during the transition period, as they were continuing to deliver services under the terms of their contract during this time.

Client Benefits

The company achieved a smooth, timely transition of all services.

Further Information

For more information, please contact our lead Director for this engagement.
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