Case Study #1503 - Telephony Sourcing Strategy : Higher Education

The Situation

An Australian University had ageing telephony infrastructure and sought the services of Cherub to develop a telephony sourcing strategy.  The university had a number of core requirements in the strategy, being the adoption of Unified Communications, along with a requirement to maintain certain telephony infrastructure capabilities, such as analogue and DECT.

Our Approach

We undertook a series of stakeholder interviews to gain an understanding of the various requirements of the University, along with current challenges and risks of the existing telephony approach.

We facilitated workshops to determine various sourcing options, along with their identified benefits and risks. Following this a preferred option was identified.

We undertook an Expression of Interest to the market to understand capabilities of various suppliers to implement the preferred option.  We sought indicative costing from these suppliers, based on quantitative and environmental data we provided. 

Following this we developed a business case for the university to allow it to seek approval for the adoption of the preferred telephony sourcing strategy.

Client Benefits

The university has a clear understanding of the benefits that the telephony sourcing strategy will bring.  It is aligned to meet its core requirements now and into the foreseeable future.  It has gained an understanding of various supplier capabilities, along with high level estimates to implement the strategy.

Further Information

For more information, please contact our lead Director for this engagement.
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