Case Study #5701 - Transition Management : Superannuation

The Situation

The Client, a Superannuation Manager, had previously completed a sourcing program with Cherub to identify a replacement Managed Service Provider for their soon to expire, first generation outsource contract. Following contract negotiations, the Client appointed Cherub in the role of Transition Project Manager to act on their behalf to support the transition of services from the incumbent to the new vendor.

Our Approach

Cherub met with the parties to agree on the establishment of governance processes to manage the transition.  These included formation of a Transition Steering Committee, appointment of Transition Managers, and assignment of subject matter experts to the transition team, and establishing regular status meetings to address issues and monitor progress.

The Transition Steering Committee provided strategic direction and decision-making support for the process, including authorising commitment of resources; communicating to the business any issues that relate to or are affected by the transition and resolving major issues relating to priorities, requirements and procedures.

Cherub developed the Transition Execution Plan (TEP) to document how the transition of services from the incumbent to the new vendor would be conducted, including documenting methods and standards that would be used during the transition and the responsibilities of the different parties involved. Amongst these parties were the Transition Managers, who attended regular Status Meetings to track, monitor and sign off transition tasks against the TEP.

Cherub's role included facilitating and managing the:

  • Finalisation of contract and commercial arrangements

  • Developing internal stakeholder communication plans

  • Establishing governance, management and service reporting procedures

  • Reviewing and monitoring Risk Management and Issue logs

  • Establishing handover and acceptance criteria and procedures

  • Facilitating a Lessons Learned workshop with the parties

Client Benefits

The Client was able to transition its services to the new vendor within the allocated time and establish a program of post-transitional projects with the new vendor to bridge recognised gaps in infrastructure performance, documentation and reporting that had been factored into the new managed service contracts.

Further Information

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