Case Study #1801 - Sourcing Strategy : Utility

The Situation

An Australian Utility needed to update its approach to sourcing of major IT infrastructure.  They had a sourcing strategy that was many years old, and they determined that they needed to update this to reflect their changed business requirements, and the changed service provider capabilities.

Our Approach

We were engaged to develop a detailed sourcing strategy for the organisation.  The approach we adopted was to closely align the strategy to their business strategy and their IT strategies.  This alignment was essential to ensure that future sourcing decisions would always be to the benefit of the entire organisation.
We utilised our detailed methodology to ensure that the development of the strategy was thorough, and considered stakeholders, business and IT requirements, the external supplier capabilities, and was practical and cost effective.

We considered sourcing from an internal delivery, external managed services, co-sourcing perspective.  Additionally the strategy considered geographic sourcing issues, such as the service being delivered on the organisations premises, in the state, within Australia, and offshore.

By aligning the strategy to business and IT strategies, we were able to identify the value of multiple sourcing strategies, depending on the nature of the service.  This multiple approach allows the organisation to obtain maximum benefits for its multiple services that it requires.

Client Benefits

The organisation has a sourcing strategy that is planned to serve it for the next 10 years.  It has a clear understanding of preferred sourcing methods for the full spectrum of IT services that it currently uses, and will use in the foreseeable future.

Further information

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