Supplier & Service Management

Cherub assists organisations to establish a Vendor & Services Management regime which provides a clear understanding of stakeholder responsibilities against the varied types of contracts and stages of the contract lifecycle.

Research indicates that many clients are not fully satisfied with the outcomes of their outsourced arrangements.


This does not necessarily mean that they intend to terminate, but there may be questions around:

  • Is the contract meeting my original business case outcomes?

  • Am I paying more than I expected due to “additional costs”?

  • Am I managing risk appropriately?

  • Is my Vendor focussing on the contract rather than the relationship?

  • Is the contract still matched to my needs?

  • Are people receiving the quality of service I expected?

Vendor & Service Management services includes:

  • Developing Vendor / Service Management framework

  • Developing Performance Management Framework

  • Management facilitation, development and mentoring

  • Performance reporting and analysis

  • Defining management interfaces

  • Mid term strategies for:

    • Re-negotiation of contracts

    • Re-development of:

    • Service and reporting requirements

    • Pricing analysis

    • Governance and Service Management

  • Client : Vendor Sourcing relationship assessment


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