Sourcing Strategy

A Sourcing Strategy supports the selection of optimal IT sourcing solutions to deliver against the IT Strategy.  Cherub Sourcing Strategy methodology is flexible and able to be tailored to the needs and circumstances of our clients.

The typical goals of an ICT Sourcing/Procurement Strategy include:

  • Identify the optimal means of sourcing IT services and infrastructure required by the business, where optimisation is the balance between cost efficiency and scope and effectiveness of service

  • Provide the basis for consistent decisions regarding  the sourcing/procurement of IT services and infrastructure , be they short-term / tactical decisions or longer-term decisions

  • Support the creation and development of desired in-house IT service capabilities to support the business.


At its fullest scope, the Cherub methodology gives consideration to sourcing / procurement strategy across three realms of IT services:

  • ICT Infrastructure

  • ICT Managed Services

  • Business Application Functionality

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