Impact Assessment

Critical to maximising the potential of any strategic sourcing arrangement is the organisation's understanding of how to drive value from the arrangement. Our finding is that successful outcomes can only be achieved as organisations understand:

  1. The readiness of their people, culture and tools to adopt to new sourcing models;

  2. The changes required to maximise benefits of these models; and

  3. How to make the necessary internal adjustment appropriate and put the right governance in place for the selected sourcing model


To help clients understand where they are placed against the critical success factors for each of the Sourcing Models, Cherub uses its proprietary Sourcing Impact Assessment solution.

Our Sourcing Impact Assessment examines the organisation’s present-day capabilities in respect of Vendor Management and in the People, Processes and Tools needed to manage and deliver an effective IT service to its customers, and reveals the greatest and most critical gaps between current capability and the minimum-level desired state capability needed for a future sourcing model.

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